Beer Week 2013

Huntsville, a Beer Destination?? Absolutely!

Prior to the success of Free the Hops in changing some of the laws in Alabama that severely restricted the choices of beer available to consumers, craft beer loving Alabamians had to wander the country in search of the bounty of brews that were freely enjoyed elsewhere.  Since the first changes made to these laws in 2009, new breweries have been popping up all over Huntsville, and throughout the rest of Alabama.  This has created a craft beer boom with broad benefits to our local culture.  Not only is craft beer more flavorful, it has sparked industry, jobs, and well being in the local economy!

Huntsville’s science and engineering culture has been key to Huntsville’s growth as the capital of craft beer in Alabama. Many of our brewers began brewing because it was a hobby that appealed to their technical nature. Problem solving and attention to detail are common skills shared by both brewers and technology professionals.  The growth of craft beer has been nothing less than incredible. Huntsvillians are now learning to appreciate 9 active breweries, several specialty craft beer retailers, and an array of bars and restaurants that serve these fine locally made products.  Huntsville Beer Week is here to CELEBRATE this wealth by bringing large and small events to the masses featuring education, music, amazing brews served with sensational food, and a good time for all of legal drinking age.

Free The Hops is an all volunteer group that is dedicated to improving the craft beer culture throughout Alabama.  Huntsville Beer Week is one of the many ways the Huntsville chapter of Free The Hops works with our local breweries, distributors, and retailers to help our local Huntsville beer culture continue to thrive.

Please support the amazing events you will find on the Huntsville Beer Week calendar, as well as all of our local partners working to bring you this celebration.